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The Australasian Academy of Wellness Therapies offers a range of student clinics, aromatherapy, massage, musculoskeletal therapy, reflexology, beauty & spa clinics with services provided by students. The presence of the Wellness Clinic within the vicinity of the Academy facilitates the refinement of our students’ skills in retail and treatment techniques. It enhances student welfare, providing an essential experiential process for developing professionalism and the skills and techniques of specific practices.


The clinic operates with a concept that confirms the Academy’s commitment to

equipping students with the fundamentals of wellness clinic operations and effective clinic management. This benefits our students by engaging them in clinical practice, and adding a new dimension to their professional development as a total wellness aficionado.


The facility is tastefully furnished to provide a pleasant and warm environment for clients. Clients experience the environment and services of a professional spa. Industry professionalism is strictly adhered to by our students who undertake their clinical practice at the clinic.




Reflexology involves the stimulation of pressure points on the feet to assess and treat a range of aliments. So sit back and relax to gain fantastic health benefits as well as enjoying the magic of touch to the most neglected part of the body by our students.

Available every Thursday from 4.30pm to 8pm

Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage

A full body Swedish Massage is a delight which should be enjoyed on a regular basis. Right now you can enjoy this treatment by students – “That’s amazing!”

Available every Thursday from 5pm to 8pm

Remedial Massage

Remedial Massage

Our remedial massage is designed to target and assist with a range of conditions including sore muscles and soft tissues injuries. Our students are trained to provide a range of massage styles and techniques which assist the body with circulation, blood flow and removal of toxins.

Available every Monday from 5pm to 8pm

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